A minimal installation guide for installing Arch Linux. This guide assumes you have downloaded the latest version of Arch Linux from their website, verified it, and made a bootable USB stick with the ISO using Rufus (Windows), Etcher (macOS or Linux) or the dd command in another Linux distribution.


Whether you are new to Linux or someone who is using Linux since ages, chances are, you keep coming across Linux commands that you didn’t know before. So here is our list of commands that we have compiled over a period of time that can make your life easier and…

Awesome Window Manager is a highly configurable, dynamic tiling window manager. It is configured in the Lua programming language, and it is very fast and extensible. This is the official website of the Awesome WM.

Given below are installation instructions and some configuration steps to help you get started. This…

Arch Linux needs some maintenance from time to time. And people seem to break their installs frequently. Here are some steps to help with some maintenance and avoid breaking the install.

1. Remove Orphan Packages

Orphan packages should be removed every now and then as they are not needed anymore by the applications installed…

Here are some things to do after installing Arch Linux and your preferred Desktop Environment or Window Manager

1. Install A Display Manager

Select a display manager if startx is not feasible:

  • KDE — sddm
  • GNOME — gdm
  • XFCE — lightdm

You can also use these display managers with tiling window managers like AwesomeWM or…


A blog on Arch Linux and some other things. But mainly Arch Linux

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